MIS and MJHS Receive Statewide Outstanding Educational Performance Awards

On March 15, 2017, Morrilton Intermediate School and Morrilton Junior High School received statewide recognition by the Office for Educational Policy (OEP) at the University of Arkansas in its annual 2016 Beating the Odds report, highlighting high-achieving Arkansas schools serving low-income communities.  Each year, OEP announces awards given to schools reaching high levels of achievement while serving high percentages of students from low-income communities.

Morrilton Intermediate School (MIS) received two outstanding performance awards – Statewide:  Math Beating the Odds; and Regional: Northwest Region Math Beating the Odds.  MIS tied for eighth place in the top ten “Beating the Odds” schools in Arkansas based upon the ACT Aspire Math results from 2016.  Likewise, MIS ranked fifth in the top five math “Beating the Odds” schools in the Northwest Region of Arkansas based upon the 2016 Math ACT Aspire results.  OEP’s report gave MIS a calculated GPA indicator score of 2.68 in mathematics, ranking MIS eighth in the entire state of Arkansas among low-income communities.

In addition, Morrilton Junior High School (MJHS) received four outstanding performance awards – Statewide Recognitions: Overall Beating the Odds; English Language Arts (ELA) Beating the Odds; Math Beating the Odds; and Science Beating the Odds.  MJHS ranked fourth among low-income communities in Arkansas overall in the “Beating the Odds” report with a 2.33 GPA ranking.  As for English Language Arts Beating the Odds, MJHS ranked third in the state with a 2.59 GPA.  When compared to other low-income communities in Arkansas, MJHS ranked fifth in mathematics with a 2.14 GPA in the OEP report.  Finally, MJHS ranked second in Arkansas for Beating the Odds in Science with a GPA of 2.24.  Each of these statewide awards were determined by analyzing the 2016 ACT Aspire results for ELA, Math, and Science. 

The South Conway County School District (SCCSD) congratulates Morrilton Intermediate School, Morrilton Junior High School, and our entire learning community on these outstanding educational performance awards.  These achievements are the result of a focus on quality curricula, effective teaching strategies, student dedication, and the support of families and community partners.  The SCCSD is committed to loving, serving, and caring for every scholar, every day.  Statewide recognitions and continued growth are reassuring evidences that together our community is making a difference for every child, every day.


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